The Kwanza Fund

The  Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund is a vehicle for growing an economic base of revenue that can aid and assist the good work offered by local nonprofits managed by Americans of African Descent. By tapping into the collective spending; and giving of other Black professionals, entrepreneurs, single parents, concerned citizens; and even youth,  it is possible to use the collective spending of each segment to fund many great programs, projects and services they employ to make our lives, neighborhoods & communities much better.

The Kwanza Fund serves to receive donations and other financial supports in a transparent fashion, and guided by practices that assure accountability of all funds received and granted out to organizations. Beyond just receiving and dishing out grant funds, time and efforts is spent developing smaller nonprofits into becoming more efficient providers of services, programs or training in our city.

By working with for-profit companies to establish win/win  opportunities, we can go well beyond just relying on grants and contributions to fund programs & projects we know have value. Sustainability Partners offer opportunities that allow the Kwanza Fund to use their product/service to raise funds, that can in-turn be allotted as grants to nonprofits working on community building and uplifting lives.

$5,300.00 from the initial funds received will be used to establish a Donor Fund Account with the local Community Foundation. The Kwanza Fund will then offer the opportunity to receive individual payroll deductions, annual fund support from corporations, and public & foundation funds allocated for such purposes. Development support is made available by local economic & community development organizations and government-related agencies .

The challenge: Recent and mounting state data show that Topekan’s of African Descent have one of the highest unemployment rates, disproportionate need for cash assistance (TANF) and other public assistance, and its youth have some of the lowest graduation and highest dropout rates in the state and highest removal from the home in the county. When asked why, noted authorities cite reasons that include lack of access to relevant/affordable skill training & resources, under-performing services and minimal gainful employment & entrepreneurial opportunities. Unfortunately, this is a scenario playing out in many major cities and urban neighborhoods.
The opportunity: The Kwanza Fund will support local projects and programs by nonprofits that provide viable employment & training opportunity; to help them purchase commercial property for training; to help make the Internet relevant and beneficial for new users; and to increase people’s digital skills.


A Social Enterprise for Economic Empowerment