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Americans of African Descent have made some progress over the years, but far too many residents are excluded from the economic, education, social and cultural benefits of progress made because they haven’t been supported in ways that truly empowered them to grow and prosper within the rest of the city.

With a strong history of community spirit and hope for a better future, other Topeka nonprofits are uniquely positioned to undertake high impact economic & workforce inclusion initiatives to help close the divide between poverty & prosperity.

For more information about any program, projects, services or volunteer opportunities; donors are encouraged to call the individual agency to speak with them directly; or to schedule an appointment to visit their facility or programs.

Working to close the economic gap for Americans of African Descent and others experiencing chronic un/under-employment & poverty; including the neighborhoods in which they live.

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Lazone Grays Jr
(Public & Media Relations)


A Social Enterprise for Economic Empowerment

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