Eligible Projects

Eligible projects target one or more of the following focus areas:

• People who don’t have a marketable skill but are interested in learning a trade in digital tech or construction. Primarily those with barriers to employment i.e. ex-felons, long gaps between jobs,

• Areas with high unemployment, with emphasis on job training in construction trades, Internet-related career skills and other entry-level positions

Eligible expenses and activities supported may include, but are not limited to:

• Rent and insurance associated with the implementation of a startup program / project

• Purchasing Commercial Property for established nonprofits to use as their training and/or technology center+ (affordable remodeling & renovations may be included)

• Hardware & Internet connectivity devices for in-house digital skills training to target underserved populations (e.g. devices = Wi-Fi routers, USB Adapters, Web cams)*

• Matching fund for local, state, federal granting sources

• Funding nonprofits that partner with for-profit businesses that pledge to address economic/workforce development needs, but not given directly to for-profit businesses

Examples of expenses and activities that will not be supported include:

• Costs associated with updating an organization’s internal hardware, software, IT systems or support, or website content

• Purchase of hardware for end users and/or in home use

• Facility purchase, renovations, equipment, remodeling for religious institutions

• Scholarships, banquets tables^, speaker fees, staff payroll

^Allowable for group staff attendance to annual MLK & NAACP Freedom banquets


*A Note About Hardware Budget Requests:
Note that while projects are encouraged to offer referrals to or partner with community partners to acquire computers for the new Internet users they serve, the Fund is not intended to cover the full cost of devices for program participants. Projects that anticipate significant hardware budget requirements are encouraged to collaborate with refurbished device providers, seek discounted software licensing opportunities, and consider scalable collaborations with other organizations.

+A Note About Building Purchase Budget Requests:
Note that while nonprofits are encouraged to offer referrals to or partner with community partners to conduct programs for those they serve, the Fund is limited to sound proposals based on sustainability to maintain and keep properties safe from fiscal loss. For a three-year period, said property will be co-owned by the Fund; which will take-over property in case of a nonprofits dissolution, default, forfeiture or foreclosure.


A Social Enterprise for Economic Empowerment

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