Grant Range

One-year grants generally ranging from $2,500 – $100,000.

Programs, projects and activities with successful performance and outcomes may have the opportunity to renew for a second and/or third year of funding.

Important Dates: (tentative)

  • Application Launch: September 3
  • Grant Information Session: Dates provided in May
  • Application Deadline: October 25
  • Panelist Review: November
  • Fund Panel Review: November
  • Awards Announced: November
  • Grant Agreements Due: November

2017 Competition Details (to be updated by August 2016) 

Deadline: October 25, 20_____ by 5:00 p.m. CST

The review panel will include representative citizens of the Greater Topeka community; in addition to individuals with state/national expertise in workforce & economic development and having no conflict of interest. The panel will review all eligible applications and submit recommendations based upon their collective deliberations & vote to the Kwanza Fund. Funding recommendations and decisions to nonprofit applicants are final.


Instructions to Apply:
Please read the grant guidelines and application instructions in their entirety before you begin an application.

If you have technical questions relating to the Kwanza Fund, please contact us at (913) 735-4272




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