Kwanza Fund Overview

Organizations funded by the Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund must provide valuable, tangible & measurable programs, services and activities that primarily deliver employment & training services, and business development or support services that address gross economic disparities that affect Black youth and adults in the Topeka community.

The importance of supporting local organizations is to ensure they have the ability to startup, grow or maintain expenses associated with their operations: which include rent, utilities, telecommunications, and office supplies. As valued under-supported agencies in the community; individuals, government or corporate support can help assure that these entities can continue to provide a quality level of programming & service that greatly impacts the Topeka Black community and the general population.

Supported agencies are 501 c.3 organizations and therefore direct monthly contribution are tax-deductible as allowed under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code for bequests, devises, transfers or gifts. Each agency is provided development support year-round and must accept such for their grant cycles from designated entities; in order to receive funding support from the Kwanza Fund.

Future Implementation*

To begin a monthly payroll deduction to the Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund (Kwanza Fund), Black employees will be able to enter an amount to be deducted from their payroll check and turn it in to their company’s department in charge of payroll deductions. Donors are encouraged to contribute directly to nonprofit grantees on a monthly payroll, annual or periodic basis.

Expanding the Kwanza Fund^

To begin expanding the Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund to other cities


Transparency & Accountability 

An established Donor Fund under the Greater Topeka Community Foundation*

 Donor Fund and Review Panel established to receive and oversee funds & allotments to local organizations^


A Social Enterprise for Economic Empowerment

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